Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression?

We've all heard of the "Baby Blues". Doctors often warn moms about this period where they might feel a little down or sad. But when does it cross the line into Postpartum Depression? How can moms and families tell the difference? The simple bullet points below will help you understand.

Baby Blues:

1. Lasts for two weeks or less.

2. Although there is some emotional ups and downs, the overall mood is happy.

3. Caused by the hormonal shifts that occur in the days after giving birth.

Postpartum Depression

1. Persists for much longer than the two weeks post birth.

2. Causes significant distress and impairment in normal functioning.

3. Generally requires professional treatment.

Postpartum Depression can also look different in different women. For many mothers, it involves little sadness and crying. Instead, many mothers experience symptoms such as irritability, anger, or feelings of being "numb". And while some mothers struggle with feeling bonded with their child, many other mothers feel very bonded and connected with their child. Postpartum Depression manifests in many different ways.

If a new mom has been feeling distressed and not like herself for several weeks, do not let anyone brush it of as "just the baby blues". One in seven women experience a postpartum mood or anxiety disorder. It is very common and very destructive to everyone involved. Luckily, it is also very treatable. There are trained providers all across the country who can help. If you need to find a provider, go to to find local support.

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